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How We Saved our Baby Clothes

on March 11, 2012

This quilt contains special items like the outfit she came home from the hospital in, her first Halloween costume, and clothing bought by people we love.

From the start, I knew I didn’t want to keep baby clothes hanging around our house.  Once my daughter outgrows something, we give it to friends or to charity.  We just don’t have the space to hang onto them.  I figured if we were ever to have another kid, there is no guarantee of gender or month of birth.  Instead, I take pictures of her in outfits I really love to put in her photo books, and I kept a few sentimental pieces of her baby clothing.

I really wanted to do something special with those few items I kept, and I had heard of turning the clothing into a memory quilt.  I am not a person who sews (though I am finally trying to learn how to use my sewing machine).  And I am for sure not talented enough or have enough patience to quilt.  So, I solicited help from my sister-in-law’s mother–who is a master quilter.  This is what she made for us.  It is AMAZING!

It is a quilt that turns into a pillow.  I never would have been able to accomplish this feat on my own, and I am so grateful someone else has skills I do not possess.  There are even some clothing areas with buttons or snaps for my daughter to play with now. She really enjoys hearing about why each fabric is special.  Each square reminds us of when she was little and makes us smile.  We love it!

Step One for turning into a pillow...

Step two for turning into a pillow...


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