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I LOVE Command Hooks

on March 11, 2012

If you have never used command hooks, I highly recommend them.  They are one of the most versatile organizational tools on the market.  They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.  They adhere to many different surfaces and come away cleanly.  (At least in my experience).  They have even come out with command strips to use to hang flat objects on the walls.  Here are the many ways we use command hooks in our home:

1)  Jewelry organizer.  After unsuccessfully searching for some sort of organizational system for my jewelry (I really don’t have that much), I realized it would cost just as much to buy a key ring (a tip I found on another organizational site) to mount inside my bathroom cabinet as it would to use a set of command hooks.  Plus, no drilling with these guys!  Works perfectly.  Another command hook is hanging behind the hand towel in the bathroom to hold my watch and most often worn necklace.  This was my first use as a jewelry hook.  After a few breaks in the chain, I realized I could not wear my necklace 24-7 and needed somewhere to hang it so it would not get tangled.  Plus, my watch is in the same place every morning.  Works like a charm, and you can’t even really see it.

2)  Towel hangers.  I found that command hooks were also less expensive than getting a new over the door towel holder for my bathroom.  And, I could pick exactly how many hooks I wanted and how far to space them apart–with no damage to the door.  It seems like we use command hooks for all kinds of bathroom helpers.  Just see items 1, 2, and 3!

3)  Shower helper.  We used to have one of those basket things that hang over our shower head in our bathroom.  Trouble was it kept sliding down.  So we replaced it.  And after a while, that one kept sliding down.  Not only annoying, but bad for the shower head.  In a fit of inspiration, I decided to hang our shower scrubbies, back brush, and squeegee from command hooks up high on the shower wall opposite the shower head.  We also now keep our razors in a sponge holder originally intended for a kitchen sink.  Surprisingly, the command hooks have stayed attached for about a year thus far!

This has worked wonderfully for us. I still cannot believe they have stayed in place this long with all of the humidity and moisture.

4) Artwork in my daughter’s bedroom.  I painted letters to hang on the wall of my daughter’s room.  Each wooden letter came with two pre-drilled holes to use as hangers.  Rather than go to the trouble of measuring and leveling and probably swearing, we decided to use command strips to hang them.  SO MUCH EASIER!  We just used the extra strips that came with one of our sets of command hooks.  (This was before they came out with strips made especially for this purpose).  I placed them close enough to the edge that they didn’t show, but I could lift the letter and get a grip on the tab to pull it away from the wall.  I’m hoping removal will be clean.

5)  Hanging seasonal decor on our interior (or you could do exterior) doors.  I wanted to be able to place cute seasonal wreaths and other wall decor on some of our interior doors.  Rather than using a wreath holder (which I thought hung the item too high), I used a command hook.  The white blends in nicely with the white wood on our doors.  You could go with the fancier metal finish hooks if you would like, though…

6)  Hanging kid items around the house.  We have a command hook hanging on the side of my daughter’s play kitchen to hold her mini potholders and apron.  She also has one in her bedroom to hold her robe at a kid friendly level on her wall.  I love that we can move them as she gets taller without much muss or fuss.

7)  I use these lovely darlings at school too.  It is great because I don’t have to worry about making holes, paint peeling from the walls, or pulling the finish off of the circulation desk that has been in the library since the late 60’s.

One last quick tip in hanging items at school or at home–use painter’s tape!  Pulls away cleanly from the wall and is great for things that are really and truly just temporary.  You can get different strengths of the tape depending on size and material of your item.  We use this ALL THE TIME at school to hang student work or posters.  At home, we display kiddo artwork and crafts around her room–which makes it easy to change location or art piece whenever we want.

Once again, I was not solicited or paid for my opinions here.  I am just a fan.


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