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Cleaning Routine–A Work in Progress

on March 23, 2012

After many years, well my lifetime really, I have discovered that I work best when I have a set schedule for tasks and when I work off of lists.  Otherwise, I tend to get distracted by some other pressing matter that comes up in the middle of what I was intending to get done.  Or, if it is not written down, I will forget it and kick myself later for forgetting that same something five or six times.  Most of my issues come down to being a little overextended—working full-time, plus being professionally active in groups, being mom and wife and daughter, etc.

When I designed my lovely new planner (which I still love, I just need to get back into the task of using it properly), I wanted to include my cleaning schedule.  To say I was overly ambitious is a bit of an understatement.  I didn’t want to leave anything out that I wanted accomplished on a frequent basis—if it’s not on the list, it would probably slip my mind.  I also tried to work out a schedule that seemed reasonable to me.  I broke it down into weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly tasks.  I also had a list of daily tasks I wanted to accomplish at work and home.  Unfortunately, my plan is not working quite the way I wanted it to.  The lists are too daunting…too overwhelming.  Plus, I ended up doing all of my cleaning on Saturdays and Sundays which really ruined my weekends and important time with my family.  My list in all its glory made me feel guilty when I didn’t do what I was supposed to do when I was supposed to do it.  As a result, that page in my planner has not been used in weeks.  It’s just too much pressure.

But, I still want a manageable cleaning schedule that helps me make sure I get done everything I want to get done.  So, what do I do now?  Well, I surfed through organization and cleaning blogs, mostly through recommendations from Pinterest or links from other blogs.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • It is better to do a little bit every day (15-20 minutes seems to be the time frame to shoot for according to many bloggers).
  • Start with a house that is actually CLEAN!  You cannot do a short system each day if you are starting with a messy or unorganized house.
  • Include some easy (& necessary) daily tasks for the morning and or evening.
  • Have a set task for each day of the week.  On Mondays, you shall do thus and such for your 15 minutes.
  • If it doesn’t get done today or this week, it’s not the end of the world.  Just move it to tomorrow or next week.  LET IT GO!  Move on.  Focus on life, not the vacuuming.
  • What works for you, may not work for me, but I can always tweak it a bit to fit my needs.

Here are the two places I used most to set up my new attempt at a cleaning routine:

Jenny Komenda’s Little Green Notebook blog—specifically  and Organizing Made Fun—specifically


  • Exercise
  • Cat box
  • Make Beds
  • Vitamins


  • Food Journal (for next day)
  • Prep for tomorrow (lunch/clothes/bags)
  • Wipe down Kitchen Counters
  • Quick sweep or vacuum the kitchen
  • Basket of misplaced items (collect items from around the house and put them where they belong)
  • Chore of the Day

**Dishes are done as needed.


Monday:              Empty Wastebaskets, Trash, and Recycling

Tuesday:              Clean mirrors, bathroom sinks, toilets

Wednesday:      Meal Planning/Ads

Thursday:            Vacuum & Dust

Friday:                  Clean Microwave & Sink

Saturday:             Swing day & Water Plant

Sunday:                                Laundry (if not done earlier)


1st Week    Clean Fridge & Oven Mat    (Wash Duvets & Comforters)

2nd Week   Clean Shower/Tub    (Change Sheets)

3rd Week    Mop Floors                   (Wash Rugs)

4th Week    Vacuum Furniture    (Change Sheets)

**Pillow cases get changed every week

I am going to try this for a few months.  Looking over it, I already have a bit of anxiety, but I think it is a little easier layout than what I had before, but still gets everything done I wanted to get done.  I just need to put it into a word table to include in my planner.  Though, I think I will hold off on laminating it just yet.  My cleaning routine is going to continue to be a work in progress.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes soon.


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