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Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner!

on April 8, 2012

I spent quite a bit of time recently thinking about what was really irking me around the house.  Usually, the things that bother you on a regular basis are things that could be better organized.  I had to think…what little parts of my cleaning or cooking or life routine were not working the best.  I came up with quite a few, but for now, I’ll just share the ones where I had to smack my forehead and wonder why I hadn’t done anything about them sooner.

1)  Cleaning caddies.  All of my cleaning supplies are now in two different caddies.  One in my kitchen and one in a bathroom.  All of the cleaning supplies are easily transferable to whatever location is necessary and spills are contained and clean up quickly.  Plus it is much easier to take the caddy from one room to the next instead of juggling a bunch of bottles.   (Thank you to for your list of favorite organizational tools.)

2)  Small trash cans.  I placed a small trashcan in my laundry room.  Instead of fighting with a plastic bag tied to my laundry sorter, I now have an actual place to put lint, used dryer sheets, etc.  I also added a medium sized trash can to our kitchen.  We recycle quite a bit, and I never really had a designated place to store them.  Sad to say, I used paper bags or plastic grocery sacks that would hang off the doorknob to our pantry.  SUCH A PAIN.  Now my daughter asks if things go in the “big” (regular) trash or the “little” (recycling) trash.  Seriously, WHY didn’t I do that sooner!

3)  Toilet paper roll holder.  The under sink storage in one of our bathrooms works great for holding a few extra rolls of toilet paper.  The other is pretty full of the grooming and beauty products the two gals in our house need to look our best.  No room to neatly store extra rolls–which usually meant a quick trip to the linen closet only a few paces from the bathroom–which in some instances is too far.  So, an upright toilet paper roll holder does the trick nicely.  Plus, when the little one runs out mid-use, she can easily grab a new roll.

4)  Drawer organizers.  Thank you Ikea!  Instead of spending time once a month reorganizing my sock and underthings drawer, I finally invested in drawer organizers.  I like to not have to dig through my stuff to find what I need, especially when a groggy morning could result in navy blue socks with black trousers.  Sadly, we do not have an Ikea near where we live, but I was able to pick up some organizers up while on vacation.  They have worked wonderfully.  Even if I am feeling lazy, it is too easy to put things away in their proper places to not do so.  My daughter even has little ones in her drawers to help her keep all her little articles of clothing corralled.

5) Oven mat.  I actually installed this a while ago, but I think it is definitely worth mentioning.  I picked one up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with one of the coupons that regularly find their way to our mailbox.  I LOVE it.  All I have to do is slip it out–when the oven is cool–and the food really just wipes right off of it.  So much better than running the stinky, long cleaning function on the oven or using a lot of elbow grease.  I love it so much in fact, I talked several people I know into getting one.  They are in love too.

6) Fridge and Freezer organizers.  I read in a magazine somewhere, and it has been so long I don’t remember where, that using plastic shoe boxes is a great way to keep your fridge and freezer organized.  (They are great for other parts of the house too: under the bathroom sink, in the closet, for toys, in the garage… but I digress).  I use quite a bit of frozen vegetables and tend to stock pile meat for the upcoming few weeks (see meal planner post).  As a result, I always seemed to have odd sized or fairly flexible packages rolling around my freezer.  Now, I use two plastic boxes near the ice holder.  Our frozen veggies now stack upright neatly and the meat for our meals is easy to find.  This also helps out greatly when meal and grocery planning, because I can easily see what I have on hand.  I also keep a few boxes in the fridge to hold meal prep ingredients for the week and easy to grab snacks for the kiddo.  Plus–they are very inexpensive!

I am sure there are many more organizational tips I will run across in my quest for harmony and efficiency that will make me wonder why I didn’t think of them sooner.  But, for now, I am pretty happy with the small changes I’ve made over time.  They certainly cut down on time spent doing the nitty gritty of the day and leave more time for the fun and meaningful.


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