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Label Love!

on April 29, 2012

About four months ago, I bought a label maker.  As much as I enjoy organization, it is surprising that I did not already have one.  I picked up a fairly nice one when all the organizational supplies went on sale at the beginning of the year.   The urge to label everything in sight right away did not hit me the way I thought it would.  Instead, I determined it would be better to take my time and see how the new organizational systems I instituted around my house worked out before I started labeling anything.  Once I was fairly sure my changes were making organization around the house work better, I broke open the box and went to work.  What I found really fun about the label maker is that you can choose your font and even put little designs on the labels.  You could buy label strips in different colors, but I stuck with black type on white labels.  It is also pretty easy to use, though I did have to look at the instructions to figure out how to change between all of the settings.  Also, the little machine does seem to run through batteries fairly quickly.  I haven’t made too many labels yet, but I’ve already received the low battery warning.  I am interested to see how long they actually last.  All in all, I am pretty happy with my purchase.  While I haven’t gone label crazy, I am glad to finally have some of my labeling dreams realized.

Some of our closets received the first round of labels.  The linen closet contains several baskets that are hard to see into from the outside, so labels here were necessary if anyone else other than me wanted to find anything in here.  I also labeled my husband’s t-shirt organizer.  This will help immensely in keeping things neat and tidy.

We also store our medicines in little baskets to keep them from falling over and to sort like with like.  My handy label maker worked great in giving each basket a clear distinction.

I also finally labeled the folders hanging in my paper organizer.  I like the look of the printed labels over hand written ones in this instance.  They look more neat and crisp.  I have plans to makeover my paper file box soon too.  It came pre-labeled, and how it is set up does not really meet my needs.  I am forcing myself to make their system work.  With my new label maker, I can make a system that works for me.

I did find there were some places in my house that I wanted to label, but the strips from the label maker were not the ideal solution.  I needed something bigger or bolder to work effectively.  As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to give my daughter a chance at the independence she so desperately desires.  Her dresser drawers are much more accessible now, but it was hard for her to remember what clothes were in what drawer.  Since she can’t read quite yet, I knew we needed larger picture labels.  My label maker is pretty cool, but it can’t do that.  I also wanted to label the drawers of the dresser I keep my craft supplies in as it was hard to remember exactly what was in each one.  This was a hard one to think through.  I didn’t want to use sticky labels that would damage the wood, and though I considered hanging labels from the knobs with ribbon, I didn’t want to get them caught in other drawers or have them face the wrong way all the time.  After some thought and scrounging on the web for free labels, I found some canning jar labels online at to use for both projects.  I printed them on cardstock, and adapted them to my needs using painters tape to affix the labels to the dressers to make sure I didn’t harm the wood. (I love using painters tape when I am worried about harming the original surface).  I think they turned our pretty well.

My newly labeled areas offer a little bit of that feeling of organizational zen.  I am excited to tackle a few new labeling projects in the near future.  My daughter now wants labels for all of her toy areas and cubes so she knows where things belong, and I am going to make my file box much more user friendly.  Yeah!  Can’t wait to spread the label love.


I spent about an hour one evening making labels for my file organizer.  I like it so much better.  I now realize why I was always putting off sorting my papers that needed filed.  It was a pain!  My new labels make sense for my needs, and I even have two “blank” areas where I can add a new section if needed.  Much improved!


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