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Sticker Book Idea

on May 5, 2012

I did not come up with this fabulous idea, my husband did.  Our daughter LOVES stickers.  She will spend hours just putting stickers on paper.  What we ended up with was a bunch of paper floating around with stickers all over them.  Rather than having to regularly recycle her masterpieces, my husband thought it would be a great idea to make her a sticker book!  We both have fond memories of having them as children, and this way, we wouldn’t need to keep track of loose sheets of paper.  We took a trip to the office store, and she picked out a 3-ring binder and some colorful sheets of paper.  My hubby then made a sort of alternating rainbow of the sheets of paper, three hole punched them, and stuffed her many, many sheets of stickers into the little pockets inside the front and back covers.  Instant sticker book!  The sticker book is a great way to wind down in the evenings, fabulous for car rides, and easily transported to any event.  I am so glad he thought of this.  She loves it!



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