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Lamp Upgrade

on May 21, 2012

My special DIY project this weekend was for the kiddo’s room.  Her old lamp has a loose socket and needs repaired (and was really more for her baby room decor than her big girl room).  So, we went in search of a replacement.  Nothing really seemed right, so we decided to fashion our own.  We started out with a small base and rectangular shade from Target.  The boxy shade will fit much better on her bookcase–which is an added bonus.  Below is the before picture:









Then, I took some paint left over from letters I painted for her room and made matching polka dots on the white base with a few colorful stripes.  Luckily, the paint scratches off easily, so any minor mistakes were easily corrected.  Then, I added some ribbon with craft glue to the shade.  The shade is definitely not as pretty on the back.  The shape did not take to the ribbon as easily as hoped.  But, you don’t see the back, so no worries there. Since we didn’t spend too much on the base and shade, I am not worried about her outgrowing the style.  We could also sand it down and repaint or redo the ribbon if needed, too.  Kind of a fun project!



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