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Accountability….or Why I blog…

on June 3, 2013

It has been quite a long time since I have made any posts to this blog.  Some of it has to do with time getting away from me, some with being too exhausted to add one more thing to my plate, and some to do with it falling out of my routine.  When I was posting regularly, I posted on Sunday mornings—a pretty quiet time around my house.  Then, one of my professional responsibilities need to be taken care of Sunday mornings, and the blog slipped by the wayside.

Also, I really needed to take stock of why I was even writing this blog.  Did I plan to become a famous blogger and quit my day job?  No.  Did I intend to share it with people I know?  Did I want others around the web to read and comment on what I write?  Was it just a personal record for me?  I would say, again, a little bit of all of these, but mostly I use this blog to hold myself accountable for the routines and systems I am setting in place.  I know I work best with a routine, and by putting my goals and aspirations into print for all (or more likely very few) to see, I feel like I am required to fulfill them.  I said I was going to do it, therefore I really should.  I guess it is similar to having a workout partner.  You hold each other accountable for going to the gym or walking around the neighborhood, because you don’t want to let the other person down.  This record of my thoughts keeps me focused and determined when sometimes I really am just too darn tired to want to do anything besides crawl in bed and sleep or read a book.

With that in mind, I plan to post every week again my goals and my thoughts on organization, kiddos, and home life.  Whether or not anyone else reads this is really not the point, though if someone stumbled across this blog and found something useful to them, more the better.

Here are just a few of the posts I have planned for the future (again accountability folks!)

  1. What I’ve changed about our routines and systems from previous posts (because really it is a never-ending process)
  2. Why routine (and scheduling) is a must for me
  3. New gadgets and gizmos we’re using around our house
  4. My new home office space!
  5. Fitness Goals and Routines
  6. What I learned from books by professional organizers
  7. I’m starting to help others purge and organize!—and how that all went
  8. Organizing for Road Trips
  9. Setting up a school-agers after school organization routine
  10. The bag lady—how I organize the many bags in my life

According to this, I have 10 weeks of blog posts already worked out in my head.   I may write all of these, I may write only some of these because better ideas might come up.  I may get super excited and post more than once a week.  Either way, I have a plan—and I wrote it down and shared it.  So, NO EXCUSES!

My first new real post should be going up soon (not a Sunday, but you gotta start somewhere).  Happy Organizing All!


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