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Daily Chore Charts–Version 2.0

on June 18, 2013

I have come to realize that not only my daughter, but me as well, function much much better when we follow a routine.  There are certain chores/goals I want and she needs to accomplish everyday.  I attempted to have us track these daily chores, but found I was going about it the wrong way.  Our charts were abandoned and our routines became very lax.  Changes had to be made.

Last year, I wrote a post about making a cheap and easy chore chart for my daughter with a metal board and magnets.  I had also made myself a chart of sorts in my planner.  These were both systems that worked for us for a while, but I found were not the best for our growing and changing needs.  I have also found that I am a person that likes to have a visual reminder of what I want to get done daily.  And, that I really like to check things of of lists and bask in the wonderfulness of having checked things off of my lists.  My daughter seems to be the same way–poor thing :).

After some soul searching, I realized I needed to make some changes to our daily chore recording routine.  Since I purchased a small table top laminator (more on this soon), I have found out how easy it is to make reusable lists.  All you need is a dry or wet erase marker!  I knew I wanted to make a laminated list for each of us, so I spent a few days examining what I had down in my planner and what I had on the kiddo’s list in her room.  We also discussed our lists together.  I decided to keep a few things, eliminate a few things, and add a few things to each of our lists.  The basic idea is still there, but I feel much more accountable for making sure we both get our daily stuff done since we check off our daily “to do” items daily.

Also, we were tracking our progress day to day.  Once a new day started, the old day was erased–there was no way to compare day to day or look at long term progress.  I decided that a week at a glance would be the best option, because a day was too short and a month frankly took up too much space.  By recording our efforts weekly, if she or I missed an item of our routine…well…routinely, we could identify it and figure out a way to make the process work better.   Since I spent the time to really think about what we needed/wanted to do daily, I knew I didn’t want to eliminate anything or lack of effort or poor time management.  If something was not getting done, we would know to look for a solution.

To create our charts, I simply made tables in word, picked some fun fonts, and added clip art pictures to my daughter’s chart.  My chart is sectioned off by color for chore of the day, morning routine, evening routine, and whenever there is time items.  My goal is to accomplish everything on my list everyday, but I know life happens and will not stress if something must be skipped every once in a while.  (There, I put it in writing, so I must will not stress.)  Hers has each day of the week column as a different color to easily tell the days apart.  She can do almost everything on her list every day.  There are not always dishes or clothes for her to put away, but they are two of her “jobs” and needed to be on her list.  Everything else on her chart is a daily routine item.  We did make  small change to her “jobs” list.  Vacuuming the kitchen floor everyday has been replaced by feeding the cats everyday.  We are both very happy with this change–though the cats still bug me when it’s feeding time.

Once I had the charts figured out, I printed them out in color and zipped them through the laminator.  Instant chore charts!  Hers is now hanging on the pretty metal rectangle where her previous chart used to be, with a dry erase marker hanging from a ribbon right next to it.  (I totally stumbled upon dry erase markers with magnets on the lids!  We now use this attached to her board instead of the one hanging from the ribbon.  I also found mini erasers with magnets at the $1 aisle at Target to hang on her board too).   She uses dry erase, because it is easy for her to make changes.  My chart is on a clipboard and is now stored in the file holder next to my desk space, though I may need a snazzier clipboard someday soon. (I just bought a super cute one at target that is pink with lots of brightly colored flowers!)  I use a wet erase marker–since I actually am more likely to accidentally wipe away my marks–go figure.  I also found I feel less stress, about these new charts because I know they are easily changed if we need to alter our routines for whatever reason.  Simply fix the word document, reprint, and relaminate.  All at home.  Easy peasy.

After a few weeks, I have already noticed that keeping a daily record has kept us more with our routines than we were previously–and as I said before, we function SO MUCH BETTER with routines.  I am amazed at how excited my daughter gets on days when she can check every item off her list–and how willing she is to do some of her daily items just so she can give herself a check mark.  In that regard, she is definitely my girl.  I am hoping these charts will help us keep our routines going long term!

Click on the links below to see our charts!

My Daily Chore Chart

Kiddo Chart


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I hope you are able to get some ideas here that you can use. And, please feel free to share any of your ideas in the comments too!

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