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My New Office Space!

on June 18, 2013

My new office space is wonderful!  I think I finally have all the details how I want them to be, and I absolutely love working here on all types of projects.  My family even takes it over from time to time.  Here’s how it all came about and how it is all organized.  But first, let’s see a before picture.  This is the first day I had my old “new” desk area.  It changed a bit since then, but not much.

Old Desk Photo

You can’t see the bullet holes, because they are covered by a table runner!

The desk itself was a gift from my husband for Mother’s Day.  If you look at the before picture, you will notice I had a very interesting antique desk in my “office”—which is really a wall in our spare bedroom.  (Directly behind my desk chair is the bed, but both have enough clearance when the other is in use.)  This antique is not a family heirloom, so I am not sure why it took me so long to unload it.  One of the sets of neighbors at my mom’s old house were two young-ish brothers who wanted to get rid of an old desk they had lying around.  I thought it was neat looking and snapped it up in an “I’m a broke college student and this desk has character” kind of way.  The desk itself had bullet holes in the top from where the boys would do target practice by putting items on top of the desk in some field at their old homestead.  Yes, folks, I kept a desk with bullet holes, sticky drawers, and a very narrow leg space for about 15 years—moved it 4 or 5 times and even stored it for a while with my dad.  I think I kept hoping I would figure out a way to give it new life.  I had dreams of painting it and making it lovely, but finally realized that was never going to happen, and it really didn’t fit my needs anymore.  It was donated and hopefully off to a new home.  Thus, I needed a new desk.  And, voila!

New desk space!

New desk= new space side view!


New Desk–Front view!

This is a substantial piece of furniture and took way, way, way too long to put together, but it is completely worth it.  It will require burly moving people if it ever needs relocated, however.  After looking at many desks online and finally venturing out to a furniture store, my husband encouraged me to get the one with all the cubbies, so I could do all my organizing stuff.  He knows me so well.  And, after living with it for a few weeks, I think I have the layout down how I’d like, though knowing me it will change as time goes on.


This is from a few weeks ago. If you look closely, you’ll notice I already moved a few things around and the file hanger hadn’t been installed on the wall yet.  I also get to sit right next to a window which is great, but caused a bit of glare in this pic.


How it looks as of today…

I did try and take my time and really think about how I wanted things to be organized and what items I needed to purchase to make it all work.  Here’s what I did buy for the space over the past few weeks:

  • Magazine holders.  They actually do hold mostly magazines!  They are from Target, and I am really glad I stumbled across them, because they are exactly what I wanted.  Wide, uniform, and they already came with little label holders on the tall side.
  • A basket for all of my frequently used items like scissors, mini stapler, tape, flash drive bag, etc. (also from Target)
  • Tray for organizing other office materials like markers, paperclips, etc. for top drawer.  The drawer is slightly bigger than 12” x 12”, and I was having a hard time finding something to fit that space.  So, I wandered onto Amazon and found a sturdy clear holder with 3 small compartments and one large compartment—it is perfect.  A piece of scrapbook paper also fits nicely underneath.  Right now, I have a sparkly dark purple paper under there, but I want to find something a little lighter to brighten it up a bit.
  • Hanging file folders for large bottom drawer so I could finally have a home for all of my papers and not in one of accordion file things that never seems big enough.  I decided to be fancy and get the jewel tone ones from Office Depot.  I spent one night in front of the TV sorting all my papers.  It was The Great Purge!
  • A tray from the same office line as the magazine holders at Target.  I turned it upside down to raise my computer monitor a few inches.
  • A small trashcan that fits neatly between the side of the desk and the wall by the window.
Magazine Holders and Small Basket from Target

Magazine Holders and Small Basket from Target

What I reused from the old space:

  • A lamp with my favorite saying on it (you’ll find this all over my house).  You can’t see all at once, but I can change it around to fit my mood.
  • Cute teacup to keep some pens at hand.
  • Small sorter for frequently used items like calculator, mini calendar, etc.
  • Gold box to hold boxes of note cards;
  • Wire tray for all must do today items (this may migrate back to my office when school starts up again)
  • Plastic file hanger for the wall near the desk.  I did purchase pretty new patterned folders for $1 for 3 at Walmart to give the space a bit of pizzazz and used my label maker to give them fancy but neatly printed labels.

You may notice that the top of the desk has A LOT going on—this is my space to display my pictures, Hunger Games Barbie, inspiration board, and a few other collectibles that are just mine.  The bottom part of the desk is much more subdued with mainly black items and a few splashes of color here and there.  I love that when I’m working, I am not easily distracted by the items that I also really cherish having near me when I work.  The hutch on the desk is tall enough, that I can’t even see what’s on top without stopping and physically looking up.  When I do need a break, they are there to look at, but they don’t pull my attention away when I need to focus.

Calm work space...

Calm work space…

My desk also houses some of my photo books—they are behind the Vegas postcards.  Since they don’t all match, I used the post cards to cover them up and it gives me a warm fuzzy to think about the vacation I took there with my husband.  Those may get moved down the road if I find I need the space for other office related items.  The photo books I make for/of my daughter also are kept in one of the magazine holders.

There are three drawers to the side of the compartment that holds the CPU.  The top drawer holds office supplies; middle drawer the electronic gadgets and paraphernalia like my label maker, i-accessories, and recording devices; and the bottom drawer is for all of my hanging files relating to home and some business.

A peek inside the drawers

A peek inside the drawers

I just added the plastic file folder holder today and LOVE IT!  It not only ties the space together and gives it a little bit of oomph, but it lets me easily get at stuff I need without it getting lost on my desk top or being forgotten in my big file drawer.  I looked for a new one and realized I should just use what I have and save a little money.  The little bit I spent on new folders makes me just as happy as a new holder would.  I use it to house my “to do” folders and it even has a space for my daily check off chart (on the clipboard), which I will hopefully post about soon!

Wall file holder with pretty folders.

Wall file holder with pretty folders.

I am absolutely thrilled with my desk!  It fits my needs perfectly, and I am so glad I didn’t rush into doing everything right at once.  I lived with it for about a month and really thought about what I did here and what I would need to make this space work for me.  And, no bullet holes!  It is just crazy how different the before and after are! (I usually forget to do a before, so I’m excited to be able to post this one.)






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