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Organization is HARD…and I am far from perfect.

on July 15, 2013

I read quite a few organizing blogs.  And I have checked out my fair share of books on organization from the public library.  I even have a Pinterest Organization board.  In fact, I would say organization is a definite hobby of mine…even a passion.  I even decided to write blog posts about my organizational journey.  If you just read my posts or happened to peek in my cabinets during a routine visit to our house, you might think that our house is pretty chaos free, decluttered, and I know where everything is all of the time.  That is not an entirely accurate picture.  So, I am going to do what I don’t see very often out in the organizational world.  I am going to confess some of my organizational hang-ups and downfalls.  I chose my blog name for a reason.  My life most of the time feels semi-organized.  It is never completely perfect.  I never have everything perfectly balanced—though I try as best I can.  I cannot do everything for everyone (and myself) all of the time and look like I live inside of a magazine and have a stylist making me gorgeous every minute of every day.  So, here are my biggest problem areas…

1)       I try very, very hard to get out of the door on time.  I pre-pack, get the kid started to leave a half hour before departure time, and I am still about 60/40 on getting there on time.  Sometimes, because I still tend to forget something in my house.  Luckily, I usually remember it before going more than a block or two.  I have plans to make this better/easier…

2)      I have had something in my hand and less than two minutes later cannot remember where I set it down.  I sadly do this at both work and home—mainly because I am distracted by something else that requires my attention.

3)      I routinely go through my purse and find odds and ends that I don’t even remember putting in there until I pull it out and gaze at it for a moment, puzzled, and then the memory springs to me of the time I just stuffed it in there so it wouldn’t get lost.

4)      Sometimes the routines that keep me going fall completely apart because life happens.  Random commitments (or events like fireworks going off for a week in July) mess with our normal routine—and then I have a hard time getting back in the groove.

5)      There are projects that have been on my to-do list for years.  Fewer and fewer all the time, but some still sit there.

6)      Sometimes I just don’t feel like cleaning the kitchen before going to bed or doing my 10 minute pick up.  I am just too plain tired and decide it can wait until the morning—or even the next evening.  And, I’m ok with that.

So if you are like me and sometimes see the fabulous items out there in blog land and wonder why you can’t keep it all together like they can—know at least one person doesn’t have it all figured out yet.  If I ever do, maybe I will write a book.  🙂 I try my best and that’s the best I can do—and that attitude is a work in progress as well.  I just need to keep trucking along my organizational road trying to keep my life at least semi-organized.



One response to “Organization is HARD…and I am far from perfect.

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