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A Week of Tackling Small Projects for the Kiddo

on July 22, 2013

For the last week, I have been working on getting some small–and one big–projects done for my daughter.  Back to school starts way too soon, and I wanted to make sure we got some necessary and fun things done around the house.

1)  Evaluate the school clothes situation.  Luckily, my daughter is at the stage of growth that I don’t need to purchase new clothing every 3-6 months, and sometimes what worked the previous year will work again this year.  I spent a good half hour one day just going through everything in her drawers and in her stockpile of out of season clothes.  This is a quick process for me, because I don’t keep a lot hanging around.  She has a 4 drawer dresser (3 of which are used for in season clothes) and one small bin of out of season clothing.  Frequent purging makes going through her clothes so much easier.  But, I digress.  I determined she had everything needed for the start of school except long pants, underthings, and shoes.  We were able to get everything she needed early and now have a good base for her school clothes.  She even got to pick out some of it herself which she enjoyed immensely.  I had no idea that most girls jeans came with glitter these days.  This should make for interesting laundry days.  I may have to start washing her clothes separate from mine.

2)  Barrette holder.  One small drawer in the bathroom holds all of our barrettes, pony tail holders, clipies, etc.  To be honest, it was kind of a mess.  Her barrettes were stored in a small plastic container which made it hard to see what was even there or keep track of matching pairs.  To help, I fashioned a barrette holder out of leftover ribbon and a small pre-made fabric bow from some package we received.  I hung the holder from a circle of glittery gold pipe cleaner from a command hook in her bedroom, and we were ready to go!  I was surprised at how excited she was by he idea.  She felt so “cool” being able to find and get her own barrettes.  This little 5 minute project led to some happiness for both of us.

3) A special kind of clutter.  My daughter loves the game Skylanders.  For those of you not in the know, it is a video game that requires little plastic statue pieces in order to change characters.  We have quite a few a lot of them and were looking for a fun way to display/store them.  You can buy a case for anywhere from $15-45, but they wouldn’t fit our collection and you can’t really access or see them easily.  My husband had a leftover 3 tiered shelf contraption from an old gaming system, and he re-purposed it a while ago to hold the little statues.  Trouble was, every time we moved it, the little guys would fall off the back.  So, using a small $1 piece of white foam core, my daughter and I designed a fashionable back for the rack.  We covered the foam core in gold wrapping paper we already had, and she took all the stickers she gets in each Skylander package and covered the open spaces at the back of the shelf.  Again, a fun, easy, and cheap project that solved one of our problem areas and made both of us smile.

4)  Room Reorganization–again… A post a few weeks ago talked about how we try to contain our kiddo clutter.  In it, I spoke about how I never really felt like my daughter’s room felt “done,” mainly due to having to keep too much stuff in the small space.  Her room serves as bedroom and playroom.  This round of reorganization came after we decided to take the computer out of my daughter’s room.  She had one of our old models and only played on it with supervision, but it was getting a little dated and ran a bit slower than our others.  We found she spent more and more of her time using my computer to do her learning games–and the one in her room was no longer needed.  So, we took the computer and small corner computer desk out to give her more space.  I moved around some of her items–her cube organizer went back in the closet, bookcases left the closet and are in the main part of her room, etc.–to give her more floor space.   Removing the one piece of furniture has made her room look and feel much bigger, and, even though the organizational systems we had in place before are still there, it also feels less cluttered.  I am so excited to start the school year with a space where she can go and play without feeling boxed in by all the “stuff,” can sleep comfortably in a calming space, and can easily keep tidied up on her own.

I am so glad I was able to get some of these little nagging things tackled, because now I can put my focus into other areas–including having fun with my kiddo.  

Any nagging tasks you need to tackle, but keep putting off?


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