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Putting Our Routines to the Test

on September 2, 2013

Back to school time has really put our routines to the test.  We have so much new going on in the lives of all our family members that it has been a very interesting start of this new year.  I can honestly admit I have been successful in some areas and not so great in others.

Let’s go with the successes first!

1)  Meal planning and meal prep are still happening each week.

2)  I am prepping our lunch and school bags every night before bed.

3)  Clean routine is going strong.  I am pretty much keeping up on the daily goals-or get to it the next day.  I am even back in the swing of my swing days–chores I do once a month like vacuum the furniture.

4)  When I ask my daughter if she wants to do this or that activity, I actually listen to her and go with the flow.  Some activities she has no choice in (mainly because I think they are fun and we haven’t done them before), but there are others that are up to her.  She’s still way more interested in staying home and playing than most outings–unless they involve her friends or family.

5)  Everyone going to bed at a decent hour.  All of us have been zonked at night, so this has not been a problem yet.

6)  Keeping a running list of what I need to do.  Yes!  Doing that.  Writing it on the pretty laminated form I made–epic fail!  Must find better location or way to do this.  I would like to eliminate the little slips of paper from my life and keep everything in on place.

Not so great:

1)  Checking things off the daily charts.  I think this is mainly because they are so routine to us that I don’t really need the chart, but I also want to make sure we are still accountable–so we’ll be focusing on that this week.

2)  Exercising every morning.  I have been plain worn out every night, and it has been very difficult to get out of bed each morning at 5:00.  It’s usually about 5:20-5:30, and by then I only have time to get my other AM duties done if I want to get to work on time.  Another goal for the week.  Get up and exercise!

3)  Extra weekly chores.  I thought it would be a good idea to add in some extra weekly chores like cutting my daughter’s finger nails, brushing the cats, or vacuuming my car.  These are all things I want to do each week, but they just aren’t all getting done.  Maybe the exhaustion has something to do with it or the lack of space on or completion of our charts.  But, I am hoping to get them into our routine more…well routinely…soon.

That’s all I have for now.  Hopefully I will be able to post something more in-depth in the next few weeks if and when things slow down around here.


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