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My 50th Blog Post! & A Little Craft

on January 11, 2014

Holy Cow!  I made it to 50!  This is very exciting, and I just had to take a minute to write about it.  (Keep reading to see the little craft we did recently.)  I just wanted to take a second and reflect on this semi-milestone.  I started this blog almost 2 years ago (just shy by a month) as a way to keep myself accountable for the goals I’ve set and the processes I’ve put in place and as a record of projects I’ve done around the home and with my daughter.  And, really the purpose has stayed the same, but there are also some other reasons why I continue to write posts for this blog every week.

1)  It’s so much fun to look back and see how things have changed in the last two years (and I understand why the hubs says things are always changing–I’ve provided proof right here on this blog), but I think the changes are all for the better because we have changed too.  By writing down my thoughts and rationale for the changes I’ve made in how we I organize things and by sharing it with folks out in the blog world, I think I have been more mindful about what I am doing instead of just attacking areas willy-nilly.

2)  Seeing the pictures and projects we have done provide a different way to walk down memory lane on what has occurred in our lives over the years and how my daughter has grown in that short amount of time–and how I have grown as a mom and person.

3)  Sharing my blog with others is quite fun.  I never intended to make this blog into a full-time or even part-time job (which it isn’t even close to either of those.  No money made here folks), but I always thought it would be fun to have others read it.  Thank you to all of you other bloggers out there and link parties! (especially Jen at I Heart Organizing and Jessi at Practically Functional). I discovered the power of those parties this year and how they can gain exposure for your blog.  Looking at my stats and seeing where people are visiting from, what posts get the most views, and the originating site is actually pretty cool.  In no other way could I have communicated this part of me with people all over the world.  So thank you to anyone and everyone who has ever stopped by and given my blog a chance.  How cool is it that we live in an age where this is possible!  Oh, and, when I first realized someone had pinned one of my posts on Pinterest I was pretty giddy–I even showed my husband right away.  I totally geeked out!–and pretty much did the same thing when I saw a second pin.  It is so cool people are reading this blog and like what has been posted enough to pin it and share with others.  Thank you so much to those of you out there both reading and sharing my projects and thoughts with others, and I am so glad you found something that spoke to you!

I’ve enjoyed writing about my semi-organized life, and I hope any visitors have enjoyed stopping by and have maybe even picked up some inspiration for projects in their own lives.  I know my inspiration comes from other bloggers quite a bit of the time–so thank you to everyone out there who blogs for sharing your story with all of us and for giving me the inspiration to share my own journey with others.

Now for our little craft!

I had a collection of various mason jars sitting in my kitchen that migrated between the top of my kitchen sink and under the kitchen sink.  I knew I wanted to do something with them, but I wasn’t sure quite what.  I think the mason jars are super cool, and I really wanted to showcase all of the details like the fruit and writing, but how to do so…  I thought about adding colorful beads or rice or water to the inside–and then thought about having 2 rambunctious cats and 1 slightly clumsy five-year-old and vetoed those ideas.  So, I did what most folks do these day, I surfed around on Pinterest looking for mason jar crafts until I found something I liked, was easy to do, and I could get the kiddo involved in helping.  And, of course, Pinterest delivered.

Over at there is a tutorial on how to DIY blue glass mason jars.  Basically, you tint your mason jar a color.  This was perfect!  It could hi-lite all the cool parts of the mason jars without the hazard of something possibly being spilled.  Plus, the instructions were super super simple.  But, I did my research and looked around at other blogs to see how they tinted their mason jars.  Most described a process that involved Modge Podge Gloss and baking in the oven.  (FYI–I just went to the Modge Podge website and right at the top is an announcement that it will be soon available in sheer colors at Michael’s and has a line of colored glass mason jars at the top…  I guess they read blogs too :).  I didn’t have the special gloss version of Modge Podge (and didn’t really relish a trip to the store), and there seemed to be quite a few steps the kiddo couldn’t do in this version.  So, we stuck with the simpler version.

Our working space.  We painted the jars on disposable plates for easy cleanup.

Our working space. We painted the jars on disposable plates for easy cleanup.

We had just finished up the major bedroom painting project, and kiddo was very sad she couldn’t help, so this project let her be involved in painting something-which was wonderful!  Basically, what we did was take regular white school glue (about 1 tsp), a few drops of water, and about 3-4 drops of food coloring.  We wanted some color variety, so we went with teal, purple, orange, and pink instead of just blue.  Once the 3 ingredients were mixed inside of a small disposable plastic cup, we took sponge brushes and painted the outside of the jars.  Kiddo painted a small mason jar (orange) and a jelly jar (pink to keep in her room).  I did the large (teal) jar and the medium size (purple) jar.  What I discovered is that the mixture goes on very easily, but you need to be sure to pull the sponge brush from top to bottom to eliminate blotchiness.  Also, if you want to get into the crevices of the words or pictures, just squish the end of your brush into the grooves and then even out with the top to bottom method.  I found we really only needed one coat for each jar.  I did go back over my daughter’s jars while they were still wet in any places where the mixture was uneven.  They dried very quickly, and turned out a little streaky (which I actually like).  I also love that if you need to start over or change your mind about wanting the jar colored, all you have to do is wash the outside! And, I can always seal the outside if I see fit to keep it more protected.

Up close and personal...  How it looked after the short dry time.

Up close and personal… How it looked after the short dry time.

Right now these are proudly displayed on a table in our living room and are empty.  I think I would like to add some flame-less candles to them for a bit of fun sometime down the road.  All in all, these was a very quick project we could complete with items on hand, that cost no extra money, and was done in less than 1/2 an hour.  Total winner project for mom and kiddo!

Proudly on display!

Proudly on display!




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