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Frozen Birthday Party Thank You Bags!

on March 31, 2014

My kiddo turns 6 this week, and we have been steadily working on all things birthday (well at least I have) for a little while.  I’ve tried to schedule everything out over about a 2 week time frame so I don’t lose my mind.  Plus, it’s not like I don’t have other things to do than plan a kid’s birthday party.  This year, the theme is Frozen.  It’s the thing right now, and my daughter is obsessed!  So, we are having friends over for a Frozen themed birthday party.  My daughter is also obsessed with baking and cake decorating–so we are doing our own.  Homemade and decorated cupcakes will be made later this week–and I will probably share a post on those next weekend.

This weekend, we worked on Thank You bags for her friends who attend the party.  My daughter LOVES Elsa, one of the sisters from the movie (in case you don’t have kids and/or live under a rock).  I found a lovely picture on Pinterest about making bags that look like Elsa’s dress.  So, about a month ago we hit up the craft supply store when everything was on sale, and the supplies have been waiting for us to have time to get them made.  Here is a picture of our inspiration piece.  I apologize to the original poster–there was not a link back from Pinterest.  (If you happen to stumble upon this and you made these super cute bags, let me know, and I will provide a proper link).


dc3315814e50b15635bcf63a6d82f26d.jpg 1,200×1,600 pixels

We couldn’t find a package of just blue bags, but we did find some white ones and some great rolls of glittery blue stuff!  I grabbed my trusty glue gun (and had plenty of glue sticks on hand this time) and went to work.


These are the supplies we started out with.  Small canvas bags, spools of glittery blue, and felt snowflakes.

These are the supplies we started out with. Small canvas bags, spools of glittery blue, and felt snowflakes.


I went for a much simpler look than the inspiration photo.  I took two layers of the blue sparkly tulle and one strip of the blue sparkle ribbon and hot glued them to the tops of the bags.  I did not gather them or make pleats of any kind–mainly because I was going for what would be easiest.  I also decided to move the decoration to the tops of the bags, because I think the kids will be able to use them a little better without fear of tearing off the tulle.  To make them a little “cooler,” (see what I did there) I added the felt snowflakes as a detail near one of the straps on the front of the bag.  I also made a boy friendly version as we have a few gentlemen attending our party with just a large snowflake in the middle.  I am pretty pleased with how these turned out.  And, they only took about 1/2 an hour to make start to finish–including stuffing them with goodies.

The finished "Elsa" bag.  Simple, but fun.

The finished “Elsa” bag. Simple, but fun.

Kiddo stuffed the bags with a few goodies.  We put in small snack bags of snowman shaped marshmallows, a deck of cards (Go Fish, Crazy Eights, or OldMaid), and some cake shaped pull-apart erasers.  While I know some people think gift bags are a little overkill for kids parties, I like to think of them more as Thank You bags.  We will also be adding a little “thank you” message to each bag later in the week, which I will post here as soon as we have one done!

The finished bags and their goodies.

The finished bags and their goodies.

This was a fun project, and it really helps us look forward to the party next week!

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