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on April 27, 2014

Sometimes I look through blog posts or magazines and drool over playrooms–mainly because it allows kids bedrooms to be just bedrooms.  Our three bedroom house does require some creative use of those spaces, though.  The kiddo’s room doubles as her play room (just like mine did as a kid).  But, our spare room has a bit more of a multi-layered purpose.  It is my office, dressing room, craft center…and also our spare bedroom.  I have worked hard to keep these areas as separate as the small space can allow and as tidy and organized as possible, but as with everything I don’t maintain diligently, some areas get a little our of sorts.  One half of the closet is used as my craft/project space–and that is today’s culprit.


Quite the mess to deal with…

This part of the closet holds my many craft supplies–sewing box (in a grey tackle box), a button collection (in a scrapbook paper case), my camera, projects in need of being completed, gifts purchased for upcoming birthdays/celebrations/etc, and general craft supplies…

A view of the whole space.

A view of the whole shebang.

Below this messiness is a dresser that my mom used for me when I was a kid and I now use to hold my general craft supplies–including fabric, , jewelry, glue/adhesives, painting supplies, pipe cleaners, pom poms, feathers, scrapbook paper, and much more.  Each drawer has a purpose–and you can see the labels on them in this picture.

When I began, my biggest focus was getting the top of the dresser and the wire shelf under control.  The first step was to take everything out of the closet and place it on the bed.

Blank slate...

Blank slate…

Basket by basket, I started going through the items now spread out all over the bed.  What I soon discovered was that half of what was on the bed belonged either in the craft dresser, somewhere else in the house, or needed to be donated.  While I went through these items, I when to place things in the drawer and also realized I needed to go through the drawers as well.  For the most part the drawers were in good shape, but they did need a little attention.  Once everything that belonged elsewhere was eliminated, I took a good look at what was left and determined how best to add them back to the closet.

Wire shelf...

Wire shelf…

On the far right, the button box and sewing kit are stashed for easy accessibility. The black box holds items for gifts–empty jewelry boxes, padded envelopes, random gifts picked up along the way that have no intended recipient yet.  The yellow and lavender box is a memory box that holds mementos from over the years.  The basket on top of it has the makings for a fairy house kiddo and I will make soon.

Top of the dresser.

Top of the dresser.

The top of the dresser now holds my laminator and laminating sheets and paper cutter (located behind the wicker box).  The wicker box holds projects in progress–some are ones we are going to make and some are things that need fixed.  The top of the box just to the left has a place for note cards and gifts I know I will need very soon (this time for Mother’s day).  And just to the left of that, my camera bag.

I have that just purged and organized blissful feeling running through me right now.  I am hoping that with a place for everything…I will be able to keep this up long term.  The whole process only took about an hour, and I am thrilled with the results.  I now know for sure where everything is and have a good idea of what projects we need to get moving on.  While the tight quarters can be a pain at times, I feel like this small space will not work well.

The final product!

The final product!

Does anyone else have a creative use of a small space?


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