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Fairy House Kids Craft

on May 17, 2014

Last year, we added a small garden to our back yard as a place for my daughter.  (More about our gardens soon!)  It has a few planters and a bunch of small resin statuary that she can play with.  After attending a Fairy event at a local forest nature center, she has been pretty keen to build a fairy house for our back yard.  I thought this small garden would be the perfect place to put a fairy house.  At the forest, they used items from nature like leaves, flowers, feathers, etc to build their fairy houses.  I knew that those items would not stand up to the strong winds that frequently blow our plastic chairs across our back yard.  Instead, I thought something a bit more sturdy would be in order, because I knew she would want to play with it more than once.  I also knew she would want to use her creativity to make the house special for her fairy friends.

We started out with an unfinished wood birdhouse from Michaels.  I used a 40% off coupon, so the house was quite nicely priced.  This house looked fun because there were multiple doors, so a few fairies could share and be neighbors.  We also decided to purchase some other unfinished wood items that were on clearance for $0.48 per bag and a few other embellishments to make it fancy that were fairly inexpensive.  All in all, these items were less than $10 total.




I also had a coupon for a free tester bottle of Valspar paint from Lowe’s I found in one of my magazines.  We stopped by Lowe’s and the kiddo was able to choose which paint she wanted for the project.  She chose Berry Twist.

A few weeks went by and we finally had some time to get started on the project.  The most exciting part for her was that I told her there were no rules.  She could do whatever she wanted.  She must need to hear that more often, because she was THRILLED to be able to choose her own design.  We used the other craft paints we always have on hand to add more color and details to the house.

Here she is on Day 1 of painting...

Here she is on Day 1 of painting…

We took a week or so break in between painting, and she came back to finish up the front and add the “details.”  Check out her finished project!


Some of the little wooden pieces are loose. She wanted the fairies to be able to use them however they wanted.


Side view #1


Side View #2


This is my favorite part! I love the picture she made for the back.


She wanted to write the sign all by herself!

I am just so pleased that we decided to do this project!  She had so much fun doing it however she wanted–and I was so happy to watch her creativity at work.  Our next step is to spray it with a sealer so that it can hold up in the weather outside.  Then, we will install it in the garden!



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