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Quick Tip–Paper Shredding

on June 6, 2014


Shredded Paper

I wanted to pass along a time and sanity saver I discovered a few years ago.  First of all, I HATE shredding documents, but I know it is important.  We tried the do it at home routine, but we burned through 2 shredders and I never found the time to do it.   Luckily, I stumbled upon a mail center in town that does shredding for pretty cheap.  In fact, the first 5 pounds are always free.  So, now, I simply keep my shredding until I have a nice stack and take it off to be shredded!

Why I love it?

It helps me cut down on paper clutter--because I can discard what needs shredded quickly and easily.  I keep a small bankers box on the top shelf of our coat closet.  It is right where we enter from the garage each day.  I glance through the day’s mail on my way in the door and can easily slip unwanted items into the hand hold hole on the side or simply lift the lid slightly to get rid of the junk.

It is well worth the cost— I took two almost full small banker’s boxes to the mail center this past week (I let it build up a bit this time around), and it cost me just under $10.  Plus, we get to stay and watch them shred it (which gives me peace of mind and totally enthralls the kiddo).  For less than $10 I was able to outsource more than 6 months of shredding.  I call that money well spent.  Plus, I didn’t end up with a headache after hours of shredding!

Check around your city or town and see if there is a company that offers inexpensive shredding services to save you some valuable time.  Some cities also may offer FREE shred events or shred events that benefit charities–I know ours does a few times a year.  While I could save myself a few dollars each year going this route, I like being able to watch them shred my items on site rather than having them loaded in the back of a truck.  But, I know many people who take advantage of the free events too.

What menial tasks do you choose to outsource instead of do on your own?  Have you found any hidden bargains around town that help you also keep the budget in check?


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