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More Kindness–Being the Example

on June 28, 2014


Last week I posted about one of the ways I try to help my daughter cultivate a kind heart (which really isn’t hard, because she cares easily.)  I chatted about how we donate gently used items from her stash of clothes, books, and toys to various charities, folks in need, and to special friends.  My heart swelled to share about how my little one is so thoughtful and caring for others, but I didn’t really think about what I do for others at that time.

For moms and caregivers of any kind, this can be tough.  We spend most of our days planning and doing for others–scheduling activities, planning healthy meals, making sure the spouse’s oil gets changed, brushing the cats, cleaning the bathrooms, sending a text to a friend, picking up a little something we know our mom will love just because…  All of these things we do without really thinking about how we are showing kindness and love to the people in our lives–because that is just what we do.

And, sometimes we give so much to the people in our lives every day that we sometimes forget about giving to the people around us.  Knowing that I played a hand in helping people in need by finding donations with my daughter is rewarding.  Participating in our 25 days of giving each December makes me feel connected to others at a time when life is very hectic–and again is something I share with my daughter.  But, what about me.  Just me.  What do I do for strangers?  I, personally, think it is important to give back to “strangers” because we all have an impact in this world–both positive and negative.  And, we can have a hand in making sure there is more that is positive–because what we do has ripple effects.

So what had I done?  The answer was simple.  Not much.  And, with everything else we do all year round to give back and all of the caring acts we do for our friends and family, it may seem overwhelming to add one more thing to the already teetering plate.  Sometimes, though, the simplest answer is the easiest.  And, in the craziness of June, I forgot about a simple goal I had set for myself for the summer.

I had forgotten about the goal until I ran across a blog post (which I will share shortly) to participate in a program I heard about on a TED talk called “LoveLetters2Stangers.”  Take a second and listen to the TED Talk to hear about this movement. 

Love Letters 2 Strangers

Click here to be taken to her website.

Basically, how it works, is you leave a HANDWRITTEN (this is important) letter or note to someone–anyone–a total stranger, and then you leave it somewhere it can be found easily by someone else.  The letters don’t have to be long or fancy or perfect.  They just need to be thoughtful, heartfelt, and positive.  The idea is to lift up someone you don’t even know and brighten their day.  As someone who loves to write, I fell in love with this idea–and I put it down as one of my summer bucket list items (which also includes learning how to french braid my daughter’s hair, figuring out how to make a past post gallery on this blog, and teaching my daughter to tie her shoes).

Life got a little in the way, and I forgot about this goal until I stumbled upon this great blog post from Ashley at Little Blue Boo.  She took mini canvases, painted them bright colors, added inspirational quotes, and then handed them out to strangers for a Random Act of Kindness!  They are adorable!  But, I knew I didn’t really have it in me to recreate this cute little messages–at least not right now.

There is a great free printable on this site too. Click to go to Ashley’s post!

Then the light bulb went off.  What if I paired the quotes from Ashley’s blog with the idea of Love Letters 2 Strangers from Hannah!  So, this morning, I sat down and wrote out note cards to leave in random places during our travels about town.  I just used note cards I had hanging around (with pretty pictures of flowers on the front) and paired this phrase “Though we have never met and probably never well-know that I and countless “strangers” care about you and wish you the best” with a quote from Little Blue Boo’s site.  I varied the marker color more for me than the recipients–I plan to leave one a day in a location we visit around the city (which could be pretty widespread).  About an hour and a few hand cramps later, I have 10 finished cards and envelopes ready to go.

The plan:  I will keep them in my purse or car and take one with me when we go anywhere.  Then, I will find somewhere fun to leave the envelope like a bench or between items on a shelf or anywhere I think it will be found.  I will never know who picked up my note or if it made a difference in someone’s day, but I know the simple act of thinking of others will make  difference in mine.

My notes!  I made sure to add the loveletters2strangers website inside and gave them a fun message on the outside to make sure someone picked it up.

My notes! I made sure to add the loveletters2strangers website inside and gave them a fun message on the outside to  hopefully make sure someone picked them up.

For the future, I plan to purchase some more inexpensive cards (though if you choose to do this, you can use any type of paper) and write up more notes to leave around town.  I am very excited to get started, and I will definitely let my daughter know about my new “kindness campaign.”  She might even help me find cool places to leave the letters.  Why am I sharing this with her if it is supposed to be “just for me”?  I want her to see that I am doing things as well that send kindness out into the world and that our acts of kindness don’t always have to be monumental or “thing” oriented.  Sometimes a kind word is all that you need to brighten up someone’s day.


What ways do you send kindness out into the world?


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