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Simple Kitchen Organization Tips

on August 3, 2014

Sometimes simple really is better.  Here are a few quick tips for kitchen organization I picked up along the way or that I stumbled upon on my own.  Each of these tips has made organizing one small part of my life in the kitchen a bit simpler and made it easier to put things where they belong.

1)  Clean/Dirty Magnet.  I remember my grandmother having one of these when I was a kid made out of wood that stuck to her olive green and harvest gold dishwasher.  It was a bit clunky, but you knew for sure that it would stick, because you could not mistake the outside of the dishwasher for anything but metal.  I always thought one of these might be helpful (since at times dishes get piled on the counter or in the sink when other family members are not sure), but I had convinced myself that the outside of our dishwasher would not hold a magnet.  I’m not sure why.  So ,when I saw this quick tip on the YouTube channel “Do It on a Dime”, I thought, let’s give it a shot.  And, guess what!  Magnets do stick to our dishwasher.  Here’s hoow to make your own Clean/Dirty magnet.  Start with a freebie flat magnet like businesses sometimes give away.  If you have a label maker, all you do is simply print out one strip that says “Clean” and one that says “Dirty”–I added designs, because, why not?  Then, just cut down the magnet to fit your strips!

This is actually pretty small in size, so it isn't obtrusive--just big enough to do the job.

This is actually pretty small in size, so it isn’t obtrusive–just big enough to do the job.

2) Pantry Storage–Part 1.  Over the door storage has really helped us in our small pantry.  It corrals some of the things we use frequently and that aren’t all that easy to store on wire shelving.  On the very top of the wire shelves (not pictured here) are some cat related supplies like brushes and cat treats.  The next shelf features some rolls like foil and wax paper and  a box of zip close bags.  It’s the bottom shelf, though, that I really want to focus on.  This one handles quite a few jobs.

On the far left there are four “crystal light” or generic version containers (two behind and two in front).  The two in the back hold straws (this is so very very helpful, because they are not constantly falling over).  The two in the front hold things we are keeping for the kiddo’s school.  We found out last year that they collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house, so there is one for those.  The one next to it holds all our “box tops for education” or other such things you can cut off of household items that give money back to the school.  (I tried using baggies for these, but this sounds lazy, but the opening and closing of the bags was a pain.  I like to drop them in the top of these small containers much better).  The little orange basket from Ikea holds the little bag clippies from Ikea (which are awesome!).  And, finally, a few more zip top bag boxes.  Storing them vertically saves a bunch of space and makes it easier to grab a bag when needed.

Super helpful to keep things from falling all over in the pantry.

Super helpful to keep things from falling all over in the pantry.

3)  Pantry Storage–Part 2.  Labels.  To begin, I use black baskets in my pantry to store items as the wire shelving is kind of a pain in the behind.  To make sure items make it in the right place and people don’t eat food that is intended for recipes, I labeled each basket.  My previous labels were pretty specific (Rice, Pasta, Sauce or Mac & Cheese and Soup)–which honestly didn’t work all that well because there were always exceptions.  So, I decided to go the more generic route this time.  When I ran across these chalkboard stickers in the dollar aisle at Target I grabbed them without even really knowing what I wanted to use them for until I thought…hmmm…pantry labels!  I tried the chalkboard marker (also in the $1 aisle) and it was terrible.  I looked high and low for a decent one that wasn’t part of a huge set and struck out (if you know where to buy one let me know!).  Instead, I went with a silver marker I found several weeks later in the dollar bins and was finally able to complete my labels.  To make them, I took some brightly colored card stock, laminated it, and cut the corners with a corner rounder.  Then, I stuck the labels in the middle.  To attach them to the basket, I rolled a piece of duct tape to the back of the label and stuck it to the basket.  Then, I took a flat piece of duct tape and placed it over the holes to cover the duct tape roll.  I did this with the previous labels, and amazingly, it came off pretty easily when needed.

Now the labels are less specific, but still get the point across.  One row has two baskets labeled Meals (which hold items used for recipes) and one basket labeled Meal Prep (which holds items like soy sauce, marinades, cooking oil, etc.).  The shelf below holds a basket for Snacks (crackers, granola bars, etc.), Lunch (mac & cheese, soup, etc.), and Misc (drink mixes, peanut butter, jello, etc.).  So, basically, one row is off limits for general consumption and the other is fair game.  I think the labels turned out pretty cute.  Sometimes a simpler label really is better.


New, simpler labels.

New, simpler labels.

4)  Olive Oil Dispenser for Dish Soap.  Ok, so I’ve seen quite a few times on Pinterest.  I chose to try this because it would look pretty and take up less space on my sink top.  Overall, I do like the effect, but I notice that the metal top oxidizes quite frequently.  If anyone has any tips or ideas on how to handle that (for right now, I just rub off the rust every now and again), pass it along!  I’m wondering if maybe something with a plastic top would be better…

I really, really want to love this!

I really, really want to love this!

What quick tips do you have for organizing your kitchen?


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