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Flouting Routines = Expected Outcomes & Insight

This post is sort of a bridge between the Fall Craziness post and the Audiobook Awesomeness post.  My routines got a bit off track for a little while, but I knew at the time that I really, really craved my routines.  I function better and am happier when I do things in a logical and intentional way.  Plus, I lose my keys less.

Somewhat by accident and sort of on purpose I started flouting my routines for about a week.  I didn’t get up in the morning to exercise (pinched nerve in my back).  When I went to the store, I had no grocery list, something I haven’t done in a very long time (because I just didn’t feel like making one).  As a result, I forgot the chili seasoning for the chili and a vegetable for another dish.  It all worked out ok, but I know it wouldn’t have been as likely to happen if I had been working with an actual list.  My cleaning schedule got waylaid and most of my daily tasks were either scrunched into one day or completely abandoned (busy, busy evenings).  I was so discombobulated one day that I managed to lock my keys in the trunk of my car…at work…1/2 hour from my home.  Thank goodness my dad is retired and could come to my rescue.  I haven’t locked my keys in a car in YEARS!–not since I got electronic locks.  Why were my keys in my trunk?  I was digging around looking for lunch money for the cafeteria (which doesn’t accept cards), because I was working out of two purses (and three bags) and hadn’t planned ahead for lunch.  A lovely friend offered to drive so we could pick up something to eat.  I am truly blessed by a loving family and sweet friends.

Did life go on?  Yes.  Were we all clothed, clean, fed, and safe in our comfortable house?  Yes.  Did I still feel like a bit of a train wreck?  You betcha.

I know if I want to feel happier and more in control of my life, something has to change.  Quite a few of the audiobooks I have been listening to lately are all about living with intention, choosing what’s important, and making thoughtful decisions about what your focus to be in your life.  Then, you can begin the work of habits and happiness and planning what to do with your 168 hours.  So, this is what I’ve come up with, with a little help from the authors:


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