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It’s Been a Crazy Year–And I’m Ready to Take Back My Life

I think it is fitting that the last time I looked at this blog, it was exactly one year ago today.  I had no idea it had been a year, and after re-reading the last post I made to this blog, not much in my life has changed but so much has changed.  In the past year, we have made some significant changes to our lives that have truly affected us, yet I have so many of the same goals.

Here are some of the major changes:

We moved.  This was MAJOR.  The process of selling and buying a house was new to us.  We moved from an apartment to a new construction for our first house, so we had no idea what all went into the process.  It was exhausting.  In the end everything worked out, but it was a lot of sleepless nights getting there.

I started out typing all of the challenges we’ve had with the new house from minor to major repairs (expected and not) in the last 7 months.  And, I decided I didn’t want to focus on the negative, stressful aspects of our new home.  Instead, I am so thankful that this house has allowed us to host family and close friends for extended summer visits, gatherings with people that make us happy, and getting to know new people in our neighborhood.

Another major change is that my mom moved in with us.  We are now a house of 3 adults, 1 kiddo, 2 cats, and 1 dog.  Adjusting to multi-generational living has had its own ups and downs.  I knew going in there would be amazing rewards, but also some challenges as we all adjust to new routines and personalities mingling together.

The kid started at a new school this fall, which has been its own adjustment too as we get to know all about how things work in her new building.  Our morning and afternoon routines changed greatly as she no longer has to go to before/after care at the school.  This is one of the blessings of having my mom with us.

I added some new responsibilities at my full-time job, and have some new work relationships at my fall part-time gig and with my daughter’s girl scout troop.  All of these are not bad things, but they come with their own level of stress and just add to the list of things that need done.

And, a million other little stresses and changes have led me back to where I felt at this time last year.  A bit out of sorts.  A bit adrift and wanting to make some major changes in my lifestyle.  The biggest change I want and need to make is how I take care of myself.  To be perfectly honest, I have gained 10+ pounds since this summer.  I haven’t had the heart to look.  I just know I weigh as much as I did when I was 9 months pregnant.  And, I know it isn’t healthy for me, and it doesn’t help at all with my energy level or self-esteem.  Part of this has to do with me not getting enough sleep, not exercising, and eating poorly.  I know everything I need to do, I just haven’t been doing it.  I have been sick 3 times with sinus infections this fall, because I think my body has just been too run down to not pick up every little thing I encounter.  I need to make some major changes, and I need to make them soon.

One of the reasons I stopped writing this blog is because of the upheaval with the move.  I considered at one point sharing our journey along the way, but I just never seemed to find the time or desire to keep it going.  I checked the blog’s stats for the last year, just for kicks, and I was surprised that anyone had found it when I hadn’t been posting new content or linking up to parties.  I hope those who did found something that interested them.  This blog has always been a place for me to share my ideas and journey with myself as much as for anyone else.  I just didn’t feel like sharing at all for a while, with anyone.  At one point, I realized the writer in me missed this part of her, but still felt overwhelmed by everything else going on.  So, I thought I would just tweet things that came to me, because it took less time than lengthy posts.  I even set up a twitter account.  That lasted a short burst as I realized I had more I wanted to say–but wasn’t ready to dive back into blogging.  I needed to explain my journey to myself again and find a focus before writing anything I would send out into the world.

Now that things have calmed down a little in my personal and professional life, I am contemplating a combo gig of non-scheduled posts when I feel like there is more to share and tweets when I can keep it short and simple.  For now, I am going to focus on taking care of myself, finding those routines I crave and that help me so much, and adding a little here and there about organizing and crafty stuff when I feel like it.  I have felt like the last year has been such high speed roller coaster, and I am ready slow down mentally and live with a little more intention.  As I’ve said before, there’s a reason why this blog is called “semi-organized.”  I have great ideas and intentions, but they don’t always work out the best or for the long haul.  Hopefully, by writing more about my intentions, I can do a better job of keeping them or adjusting them as needed.  I simply want to be the better, healthier version of myself that I know I can be if I just give it a little more thought and effort.  With this post, let operation “take back my life” begin!  Here’s to a focus on family, friends, personal goals, health, sleep, and whatever else I need to be a better me.

I need to :

Sleep (because without enough of this, the rest doesn’t happen)

Exercise Daily

Eat things that are good for me!

Create and keep to schedules and routines

Spend time with family and friends (and be present!)

Take time to do things that make me happy (read, craft, organize, snuggle with my family)

And whatever else comes to mind along the way

If you happen to see this and want to share your goals to “take back your life” please do so here or on Twitter @semiorganizedme

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