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on July 2, 2016

The long and short of it–most of my content will be on Twitter @semiorganizedme

I have to laugh a little at the fact that I haven’t been on this site for 6 months (mainly because I kept trying to login but had the wrong password in mind.  Finally made myself sit down and figure it out today.  My last post talked about how I hadn’t looked at this blog in a year, yet all of my goals were still the same.  It’s amazing how 6 months later they are STILL the same, and I am still struggling with the same good/bad habits-and yet I  know exactly what I need to do do correct that situation.  MUST GAIN CONTROL OF MY LIFE!  But, I’m working on it little by little.  Hope to have more progress and not let the everyday life get in the way so much.

But, I digress.  One of the things I loved about this blog was being able to share the things I am doing in my life with whomever might be interested.  I found that lengthy blog posts and stylized photos just really aren’t my strong point.  I kept getting caught up in the fact that my blog was NEVER going to look like all those fabulous, professional bloggers out there.  Mainly because it is not my profession/full-time job, and I didn’t really have the desire to find the time to make it look like theirs.

So, I decided to share my thoughts on Twitter instead.  I can totally handle uploading pictures from my phone with a very limited text count.  To keep myself organized and dedicated, I decided to have a theme each week and do a post each day on that theme.  (What you do everyday is sometimes easier than what you do once in a while–thank you for that insight Gretchen Rubin).  I’m a few weeks in, and so far so good!  I’ve covered books I’m reading, home projects, DIY Dry Erase systems for kids, funny organizing memes, and menu-planning.  And, I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up on it.  I feel like this is more my speed, and I’m pretty happy that I’ve found a way to share my passions and ideas with people in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m competing with any sort of ideal.  I’m just me, and this is what I can and want to do.  I’ve even got a few themes and topics ready to go for the weeks ahead.  So, if you have any interest in seeing what’s going on in My Semi-Organized Life, please feel free to follow me on Twitter or check out the sidebar.  A few longer posts may end up on here from time to time, but tweeting seems to be the best option for my season of life right now.

My advice is to be and know yourself.  In a world of too many pressures to be picture perfect, find out what works for you and makes you happy.

(Oh, and if you have any idea on how to make your twitter feed the same as your main blog post area in WordPress, let me know.)


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