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About Me

I am the mother of a darling (most of the time) five-year-old, the wife of a very amazing man, the person of a two very cuddly kitties, and a full-time school library administrator.  As a teacher, I get to experience two worlds–the working mom for most of the year and the stay at home mom for long stretches on school breaks.

I spend my free time reading books, crafting, scanning Pinterest for fun ideas, re-organizing stuff I’ve already pronounced done, playing with my kidlet, spending QT with my hubby, watching tv or movies, and cooking–all of which I will probably talk about here at some point.

Chances are you are on this site because you spend time looking for websites and blogs on organization just like me and somehow stumbled upon this one.

Or, you are a mom of a little one and need someone to share the insanity of their day with you so you can feel a bit better about the craziness of yours.

Hopefully, you stick around and get a few ideas, a few chuckles, and can give me some of your thoughts and ideas.

It is my intention to try to give 110% to all my responsibilities in life (which mathematically is not possible).  As such, my quest for organization and planning in my life is key to being even remotely successful as a mom, teacher, wife, friend, daughter, etc.  Well ordered chaos is more the rule of the day, but we all make it through, and I usually can cross a few things off my to-do lists.


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